A simple notifications-app for a noble job to increase the level of communications

During my time at the Ministry of Defense working as Lead UX designer I also worked for projects that were not always military related. Me as UXer and my development team created a simple application that would help the Veteranen Search Team Stichting (Veteren Search Team Foundation) - VST. The application is as of now still in development.

Veteren Search Team is a foundation consisting of any and all uniformed volunteers which focusses and helps with missing cases. Working closely with the Dutch Police. Would you like to know more about this foundation and their cause, please visit their website on www.veteranensearchteam.nl.

The only way to enable VST's help is throught the Dutch Police. Currently when VST is deployd on a missing case the volunteers get notified of when and where they have to be through text-message. This is a time consuming and costly process. What VST needs is a digital solution that can simplify the process, give more (communication) options and be less costly.

On behalf of Ministry of Defense, my development-team and I offered our services to help this cause. We designed and developed a platform where admins can add users (volunteers) be able to send messages to all users. And from the volunteers side we designed and developed a web-app that users can install on their phones to recieve push-notifications and be able to read these messages.


Out of scope for now

Intrigued: Would you like to know what happened next, which methods/tools I used, How I used the all new 3.0 Ministry of Ddefense Design System for this project and how VST and the Dutch Police reacted? Let's have a coffee ☕


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Meta data

Role Lead UX Designer
Client Veteranen Search Team (Ministry of Defense)
Date 03/2021 – 04/2021
URL veteranensearchteam.nl
VST app - Onboarding
VST app - Activate account
VST app - Push-notifications
VST app - Message