Being a Digital bank means that everything you build has to have great User Experience!

RiverBank was not just one project, RiverBank was creating a Design culture in the span of several months. For a digital bank having a permanent design department is essential as the make or break factor is making sure that everything you build/offer is User Centered. This means hiring the right people is even more important than ever. Amir to the rescue 💪. I was hired to not only pick up projects that needed UX and/or UI design right away, I was hired at RiverBank to also setup the "UX/Design-department" and help hire a great designer for a permanent role.

Setting up things

First things first, I needed to set up a simple yet effective foundation. I wasn't there to drastically change everything, I was there to nudge RiverBank to the right direction, making sure that when I leave they still understand what design means and how to make things for their users. For this I needed to answer a few questions. This is how I did it:

1. How does the current state look like?

The current state was that external parties and/or development department themselves would translate business's needs into solutions. Although smart to keep the lines and hierarchy as short as possible between business and development.

As a result, development would do exactly what business (thought they) wanted, which in return made some of the outcomes too complex or too business oriented and not customer centric. This didn't always leave a positive User Experience.

Answer: This process was missing a filter-wall between those two worlds. A UX designer should gather the information from Business and simultously looking at the needs of users. Translating that through workshops, inteviews, discussion-groups and research into the right solution(s) that then in turn together with development will be cut into MVP's (Minimum Viable Products).

{{image of process}}

  • How can I improve it?
  • What tools do I need?
  • How can I get management on my side?

  • Hiring Designers


    Intrigued: Would you like to know how in just few short months I setup a whole new branding and design system for External & Internal platforms for Riverbank? Let's have a coffee ☕


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    Meta data

    Role Sr. UX Designer
    Client RiverBank
    Date 07/2021 – 03/2022
    URL RiverBank Website

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