A product is truly successful when it starts focussing on the user's needs.

Since I finished my Bachelor in Communication Multimedia Design (CMD) at the University of Amsterdam I have worked as an UX & Interaction designer. Always creating a realistic balance between the business and the end-user. Working as a designer and teaching / mentoring the next generation of UX and/or UI designers to create a world where design thinking comes natural to everyone. Right now I lead the UX team for the Ministry of Defense.

Note: As I work for awesome but very security sensitive organisations I cannot show of all my work but what I can do is show what I am allowed and talk about my responsibilities and experience. Check out my work.

🚧 In progress: This entire portfolio is designed and developed by myself, this means that there might be some bugs or other unfinished items/pages.

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What I can do for you...

UX Design

Whether you want it or not as soon as people come in contact with your product/platform they are having an experience. It’s up to you to make sure that that experience is positive enough for them to come back. That's where I come in, I will put user's needs central and try to find out what makes them tick.

In this section I will focus more on finding out who the user is, what they need and creating a great experience for them.

There is nothing wrong with white space.